Women Forward International

Arts Partnerships


At Women Forward International we recognize that talent exists across the globe in all walks of life, but opportunity to showcase that talent is not always easily achieved.  To that end, WFI is committed to identifying and working with those individuals, universities and client partners who are dedicated to providing a platform for changemakers whose voices need to be amplified regardless of their location, economic status, academic background or cultural context.  We look for the lyricists of change, those who are writing a new song, a song that connects us as humans.


As the Director of Arts Partnerships, it is my personal mission to ensure that we are embracing those women whose voices are struggling to be heard. We are looking for artists whose work focuses on the roles of women in solving some of the world’s most intractable problems­­­––economic growth, sustainable social change, the promotion of religious, ethnic, and sectarian tolerance, and ultimately, rights for women. This is our shared vision at Women Forward—to embrace female changemakers regardless of their life circumstances, and to reach beyond the obvious, in welcoming partnerships with those who are committed to the betterment of humanity through the empowerment of women.


When selecting our artistic partners, we search for:

  • Artistic inspiration through poetry, visual arts, fashion, writing, music, dance and theater 

  • Artists who are making the voices of those at risk heard

  • Artists using art to break cycles of oppression and hatred

  • Artists who are documenting the experience of survivors, perpetrators and rescuers

  • Artists whose message is focused on finding solutions to the world’s most intractable problems, or about overcoming obstacles and rising from the ashes

  • Artists dedicated to the empowerment of women

In our University partners, we welcome research projects that are:

  • Realistic in scope, but also creative and progressive in their proffered solutions

  • Challenging to established systems and imaginative in generating new ways of thinking

  • Fostering active participation of women in all sectors

  • Helping survivors of conflict rebuild their lives

  • Providing evidence-based policy advice to decision makers

  • Encouraging of students to include sustainable development goals within their research

  • Engaged in empowering women to empower humanity


When considering prospective client partners, WFI is dedicated to working with those organizations who are:

  • Committed to realistic and achievable meaningful change

  • Eager to enlighten future leaders, and to use their research projects to guide WFI’s organizational mission in addressing and resolving global issues

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