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Beyond Education for Girls in Mexico: An Equitable and Holistic Model for Educating Mexico's Future Leaders 

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Plantel Azteca carries a disruptive and life enhancing vision for high impact programs in which real progress is made in the realms of education in Mexico. WFI can support this vision and help make it a reality through the curation of substantive research and implementation programs that integrate the next generation of leaders with direct engagement from the private and public sectors in Mexico. With WFI, Plantel Azteca can establish a sustainable and transformative eco-system that transforms the way we think about education. 


An academic team from the United States will carry out an impact assessment of Plantel Azteca's current educational development programs, including identification of key social indicators that could allow it to expand the model. Along with this study, the team will design of an academic program on STEM that will bring state of the art tools and knowledge to their students.

WFI will convene and facilitate the collaborative process between the participating organizations, universities and institutions, supporting Plantel Azteca in manifesting their vision and impact in Mexico, and preparing for a sustainable program in the future.​​



  • Interviews of teachers, students, and community beneficiaries of Plantel Azteca


  • Impact assessment and analysis of Plantel Azteca programs over last decade and projected impact over next five years​


  • Strategic plan and other potential resources for the development of a STEM program for Plantel Azteca

Chemistry Class
Science Class
Examining Molecule Model
Performing Art Class
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