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A New Horizon for Women’s Education in Afghanistan

Lynn University Social Impact Laboratory in Partnership with the Afghan Institute of Learning

Many universities in Afghanistan lack a quality curriculum, leaving them unable to provide quality educational services for women. Currently, a university just for women does not exist in Afghanistan. The university options are co-ed, restricting women due to tradition and culture, and leaving them unable to take full advantage of a university. A women’s university would not only encourage more women to pursue a higher education, but will allow women to begin or complete their studies free of distractions while still being able to obtain gainful employment. Lynn University’s Student Research Team will explore potential solutions to the obstacles that stand in the way of opening a women’s university in Afghanistan. This university would be run and supported by the Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL), with Women Forward International (WFI) in an advisory role. The research would answer the key questions necessary to proceed: What are some of the political, social and economic challenges present in Afghanistan that prevent the establishment of a women's university? What factors stand in the way of women pursuing their tertiary education in Afghanistan? What is the best curriculum that can be developed to provide women with the necessary education and skills to obtain employment after graduation? What are some of the most effective logistical strategies for opening a women's university in Afghanistan? What core values are important for AIL’s curriculum, and how will AIL ensure that the women’s university emphasizes these? What courses and skills are required for the successful development of a new curriculum for a women’s university taking into consideration the political, social and cultural context of Afghanistan?

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