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The Counsel of Leopards is Women Forward International's (WFI) convening of visionary and intrepid "leopards" quietly transforming the world through unity, collaboration, and service.


The Counsel is composed of inspired intellectuals, public servants, diplomats, and artists who have regularly put these principles into practice and can demonstrate and share their wisdom with the next generation, including all those who have participated in WFI's research projects to advance women to advance humanity. 

Intimate "fireside" chats allow our circle of new leopards to explore fresh ideas and collaborate with seasoned leaders to ignite real and positive change in the world. 


The name "Counsel of Leopards" comes from an ancient tradition of the Egyptians, who saw the leopard as a sacred being. Whenever a leopard passed in front of a human, the person was considered blessed. Leaders would consult the "Counsel of Leopards" to connect to the inherent wisdom of this spirit animal.


The Counsel of Leopards

Embodies Seven Principles: 











Women Forward International welcomes all who participate in its affiliated university research partnerships to join our Counsel of Leopards

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