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Global Call to Action 


Women Forward International invites global leaders to witness our action oriented collaborations around the world and come together to support, amplify, and expand upon these global partnerships. University, government, and private sector leadership will be joined by philanthropists and artists committed to inspiring and awakening new ways of thinking, as well as and young talented students interested in creating the future they want to live in from universities working on WFI projects.


Together we will galvanize a movement towards a new leadership paradigm, one of compassion, collaboration, unity and selfless service uniting hearts and minds for the benefit of all.

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Hills and Valleys

Throughout history we have seen the power of the next generation in transforming outmoded behaviors. In every age, their fresh perspectives and boundless energy are potent drivers for change and progress. The new generations bring fresh ways of life forward that are beneficial to all. At this turning point in history, with its dynamic currents and widespread questioning of past assumptions, we see an opportunity to join together with this generation in seeking the advancement not of any one particular group but of our one human family.  


Everyone who suffers from the harmful circumstances in which they are unduly subject around the world, as well as those who hold privilege and have traditionally been in power, must come together in understanding that we are all part of one human family. It is the principles of unity, collaboration, and service that must be empowered, rather than a particular individual or group. Real change will come if it is based on action coming from both the heart and mind. 

Mark Your Calendar:

Spring 2023

Women Forward International 

New Life Global Summit 2024

Napa Valley, California


In 2024, Women Forward International will convene world leaders, influential artists, and young leaders in a call to action as we exemplify new models of collaboration in our one shared life at our Global Summit in Napa Valley, California. Together we will demonstrate the power of intersectional partnership between academia, private sector businesses and nonprofits, and governments in areas such as food rescue, digital education, economic empowerment, artisanal creation, and sustainable farming. We will give voice to those who thirst to go beyond leadership based on traditional hierarchy, and instead, live to bring about a new time and place in which all are free and equal. 


Stealth, graceful, and wise like the Snow Leopard, or the Cheetah: these are the qualities of a “new humanity” that will be ready to resolve seemingly insurmountable problems, all through a new paradigm of life. Join our movement to unite us in our New Life Global Summit 2024!

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