Beginning in 2022, WFI will take three areas of our work identified as the most pressing for humanity to the next level of sponsorship and impact. 


Together with our donors and trusted partners on the ground, we will expand this work through new alliances, academic partners, and resources our ability to bring about unity, collaboration, and service in the world.    

Weaving a Path to Peace through Women's Artisanship

WFI will socially and economically empower migrant and refugee women, especially from Ukraine, who are often gifted with artisanal skills that can be developed and nurtured as a way to bring beauty to the world, find dignified employment, and preserve their cultural heritage. 

Weaving by Hand

A New Horizon for Girl's Education through Innovation & Technology

WFI will join hands with technology companies and engineering schools as we work with our existing educational partners, especially in Afghanistan, to provide innovative tools for girls to be educated in places where the classroom is inaccessible.

Human-Robot Friendship

One Human Family:
Eliminating Hunger & Promoting Sustainable Farming

WFI will bring together our existing partners to eliminate hunger for women, the most vulnerable demographic to food insecurity, and raise and implement global standards on sustainable farming based on the motto "all of us taking care of all of

us," in accordance with our food rescue partner, the White Pony Express.