Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service will carry out a project with a non-profit network focused on women’s contributions to the peace-building process in Afghanistan.



A delegation of experts sponsored by the Ministry of Defense of the State of Qatar will travel to Afghanistan and serve as advisors to the project. Georgetown students will travel with Ambassador Nancy McEldowney, Director of the Master of Science in Foreign Service program at Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service, to Doha in March with an Embassy of the State of Qatar delegation to interview those working on the peace process in Afghanistan from the academic, government, and non-profit sectors.


Deliverables and Impact

The final product will be a publishable paper and presentation at the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC. The students will provide a holistic response to the conflict by including women and their role in peace-building. They will offer practical recommendations to key stakeholders in the international community, including foreign governments, non-profits, and multilateral organizations, on achieving peace in Afghanistan.


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