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The mission of the WFI Arts Council is to bridge the arts with modern-day international relations issues to break free of outmoded ways of thinking and find solutions based on love and human unity.

In an era of walls, the WFI Arts Council leverages the power of art to break down barriers and build a new paradigm of life based on love, human dignity, and equality.


            We invite you to explore the work of the artistic visionaries who are using art to imagine the unimaginable, giving voice to the voiceless and, in doing so, becoming an expression of human hope that disrupts and transcends rhetoric and redefines what is visible, thinkable, and possible.

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Coming Soon: The Ancient Tradition of ZariZar comes to the United Nations in New York

WFI is partnering the Parsons School of Design in New York and students from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai, to implement a strategic plan to open up new markets, especially in the United States, to uplift ZarZar's community of businesswomen artisans, their families, and their communities. Read more


Art can challenge political and social narratives, pushing the boundaries of what can be seen, thought, and done in the realm of international relations.


Through art, our lives are examined and reassessed, and our conception of ourselves and others destabilized, refashioned, and enlarged. Reimagining our world in these kinds of ways is the very essence of international relations.


Who We Are

Members of the Arts Counsel are recognized local, national and international artists, scholars, practitioners, curators, administrators, and activists who have participated in or advised on one or more of WFI’s research and implementation projects, or are leaders within their field who have an interest in amplifying the mission of WFI and the Arts Counsel.

What We Do

Through creative partnerships with WFI’s scholarly teams and client partners, and in association with leaders in international relations, the Arts Counsel curates dynamic, thought-provoking events in settings that encourage authentic and nuanced conversations. By connecting this diverse population of voices, we can harness art’s transformative power to ensure every voice is heard.


How We Do It


The Arts Counsel is responsible for curating a culturally and artistically rich event each fall to amplify the impact of WFI’s research and implementation programs by bridging mind and heart. Opportunities include:

  • Exhibitions

  • Gallery Showings

  • Readings

  • Performances

  • Round Table Discussions

Partnership Selection

When selecting our artistic partners, we search for artists using all mediums whether it is poetry, visual arts, fashion, literature, music, dance, or theatre...who are:​

  • making the voices of those at risk heard

  • using art to break cycles of oppression and hatred

  • documenting the experience of survivors, perpetrators and rescuers

  • focused on finding solutions to the world’s most intractable problems, or about overcoming obstacles and rising from the ashes

  • dedicated to the empowerment of women

October 6 and 8, 2022

Washington, D.C.

Weaving a Path to Peace through Women's Artisanship

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On October 6th and 8th, Women Forward International will take its action-oriented sustainable fashion projects to the next level. Through a vibrant feast for the senses – fashion, poetry, and visual art – WFI will share the urgency of our emerging New Humanity: a new generation of leaders whose actions are based on love and service.

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