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It is only through art that we can escape from ourselves and know how another person sees a universe which is not the same as our own and whose landscapes would otherwise have remained as unknown as any there may be on the moon

                                                                      Marcel Proust

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

10:00 – 11:30 AM EST


WFI Arts Counsel Inaugural Meeting

(Private Event) 

Art imagines the unimaginable and gives voice to the voiceless. In doing so, it becomes a form of moral consciousness, an expression of human hope that disrupts and transcends rhetoric and redefines what is visible, thinkable, and possible.


On April 22nd, Women Forward International will convene its Arts Counsel for the first time. Counsel members will get to know fellow artists and explore together the curation of a culturally and artistically rich event for the fall/winter of 2021 to help our next generation of leaders see beyond academia and mere intellect, and into our shared humanity.  More>

We founded the Women Forward International Art Counsel as a means of building a community of artistic visionaries who recognize that art is a force for change that can positively transcend outmoded systems and economic structures. As a Counsel, we will leverage art’s impact on human relations.



Art alone can challenge political and social narratives, pushing the boundaries of what can be seen, thought, and done in the realm of international relations. Art imagines the unimaginable and gives voice to the voiceless and, in doing so, becomes a form of moral consciousness, an expression of human hope that disrupts and transcends rhetoric and redefines what is politically visible, thinkable, and possible.


Through art, our lives are examined and reassessed, and our conception of ourselves and others destabilized, refashioned, and enlarged. Reimagining our world in these kinds of ways is the very essence of international relations.


Who We Are

Members of the Arts Counsel are recognized local, national and international artists, scholars, practitioners, curators, administrators, and activists who have participated in or advised on one or more of WFI’s research and implementation projects, or are leaders within their field who have an interest in amplifying the mission of WFI and the Arts Counsel and are active members in the following disciplines and industries:

  • Visual Arts

  • Fashion and Haute Couture

  • Music

  • Photography

  • Crafts & Artisanal Traditions

  • Culinary Arts

  • Cinema

  • Literature

  • Dance

  • Poetry

  • Theater

  • Museums

  • International Relations

  • Academia


What We Do


Through strategic partnerships with WFI’s scholarly teams and client partners, and in association with leaders in international relations, the Arts Counsel creates dynamic, thought provoking events in settings that encourage authentic and nuanced conversations. By connecting this diverse population of voices, we can harness art’s transformative power to ensure every voice is heard.


How We Do It

The Arts Counsel is responsible for curating two culturally and artistically rich events each year (fall and spring) to amplify WFI’s research and implementation programs. These projects will measurably contribute to the empowerment of women and the positive transformation of society. Opportunities will include:

  • Exhibitions

  • Gallery Showings

  • Readings

  • Performances

  • Round Table Discussions

  • Special Events

  • Book/Catalogue Publications

  • Artist Salons

  • Podcasts/multimedia