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Women Forward International welcomes high schools to participate in our innovative partnerships via our internship program. This program enables high school students to interact with our university research teams and carry out their own research project in parallel. They gain public speaking skills and are inspired to do independent research with creative presentations that can involve art projects, a reading list, and a presentation for their own school community in addition to WFI global community.

If you are a teacher or school administrator, your school is welcome to choose one or more of our programs to learn about and potentially participate in one of our WFI events with our graduate students and partner teams.


Please contact us at (202) 750-4111 to discuss how your school can join WFI to advance women to advance humanity.

Ygnacio Valley High School Interns.jpeg

On April 28, 2022, WFI held our pilot internship presentation by Ygnacio Valley High School as they joined our Georgetown and Lynn University teams for our "Women’s Rights and Education in Afghanistan" program. Most of the high school students are newcomers to the United States and learning English for the first time.

Watch an excerpt of the student made video below!

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