“Many of my students said they ‘never knew what a difference it makes to study an international security issue through a gender lens.’ Already Women Forward International’s support for this project has been life-changing for our students.” 
Ambassador Nancy McEldowney,

Director of Georgetown University’s Master of
Science of Foreign Service Program

“Instead of seeing students as the future of change, Women Forward International understands that graduate students are uniquely positioned to drive today’s policy decisions.”
Sienna Tompkins,

Georgetown University Student

“Women Forward International (WFI) has offered us a unique and engaging opportunity to both study an issue of critical global importance, and to take an active part in ensuring that the physical security and rights of women in Afghanistan are protected in a future intra-Afghan peace agreement”


Marta Sydoryak,

Georgetown University Student


“WFI’s visionary model of experiential learning is changing the game for graduate education in international affairs, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”


Sienna Tompkins,

Georgetown University Student


"I went through the final report presented by the student. It was comprehensive and detailed with a very clear strategy. Well done to students. I will make sure that the WASSA team integrates some of the proposed strategy in their annual plan on "Women Peace and Conflict."

Nilofar Sakhi,

Executive Director

Women Activities and Social Services Association (WASSA)

"Thank you both so much for organizing what has been one of the most worthwhile, interesting and exciting experiences of our Georgetown careers to date - I certainly count myself honored to have been a part of it in some small way!"

Sienna Tompkins,

Georgetown University Student

“Through Women Forward’s highly focused and professional work including documentary research, expert interviews, and field research directly with women entrepreneurs, they have provided us with invaluable insight into the reality of these women, their goals and the contribution they are seeking to make in the world. They have allowed us to understand the challenges and the limitations these women face, and to determine the most effective ways to empower them to overcome those challenges.”

Rocio Cavazos,

Founder and Managing Partner

The Ananda Group

"A few words on what the project meant to us: I think that we can agree that it was a very stimulating experience. We were able to see how men and women are so militant and engaged and it was very inspiring. On a professional note, it was very interesting to work with an NGO, particularly in an African context."

Chloe Bertrand,

Sciences Po Student

"After so many decades of war proceeded by centuries of strife, Afghanistan now has a chance at peace. It is a slim chance to be sure, and there are many pitfalls, but it is a chance none the less to seize this opportunity and use it for maximum positive good will require creativity and courage, as well as new thinking and a willingness to take new risks. The young professionals you are about to hear from, along with their NGO partners and champions are poised to do just that. These graduate students are endorsing a new way of thinking about peace…and they have done so with guidance and inspiration from people within the NGOs…It is our hope that this small project can contribute to a much larger effort to achieve genuine peace in Afghanistan and to advance women’s rights around the world." 

Ambassador Nancy McEldowney,

Director of Georgetown University’s Master of
Science of Foreign Service Program

"We were so impressed with the report that came out. I really do think it outlines a roadmap for all folks that are interested in the Afghan peace process, Afghan women’s rights, and women’s rights more broadly around the world, including short term and long-term solutions."

Megan Corrado,

Director of Advocacy
Women for Afghan Women (WAW)

“A special thank you to the Ananda group and Women Forward International for supporting this research and working with us this past year, it’s been a really rewarding experience. We were all really attracted to this project for a few reasons: one, I think climate change is one of the biggest problems humanity has ever faced and shifting towards plan based options will become a necessity so this was a really great opportunity to help support the growth of that industry. The second angle is obviously a gender angle, and I think all three of us really believe in the equality of opportunity. ”

Jeremy Bhatia,

Harvard University Student

“First of all, I would like to thank Women Forward International for making this research possible, it was a great experience for us… this is a topic that we really want to deep dive into. I would also like to thank the students for putting all their effort and good attitude into doing the project despite all the difficulties…the research was great and the findings and the quotes from the women are amazing…we find this is a very valuable tool.”

Natalia Wills,

Country Representative Mexico
Pro Mujer

“First of all I want to thank Women Forward International and the student at the Harvard Kennedy school team and their faculty advisors for their hard work, their extensive research analysis, and their recommendations which are critical inputs to our strategic planning and our ability to serve the sector we work with.”

Rocio Cavazos,

Founder and Managing Partner

The Ananda Group

“Thank you very much, it is a great honor to be part of this program. I would like to thank, of course, Women Forward International for putting together this very innovative exchange of ideas, congratulations to both teams of Columbia and Harvard for truly groundbreaking studies.”

Roberto Salinas-Leon,

Director, Center for Latin America, Atlas Network;

and President of the Mexico Business Forum in Mexico City

“I want to thank Women Forward for the invitation to comment on these two outstanding documents that will be very useful for those of us who work on these issues in Mexico.”

Lina Dolores Pohl Alfaro,

Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization

of the United Nations (FAO) in Mexico

“These are definitely research pieces that can help our understanding of both women entrepreneurs in the country and the gaps we are facing.”

Monica Ducoing,

Central America & Mexico Chapter Manager,

Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)

"I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you all created for our students – and also for the entrepreneurs and the wider audience – to look at these important questions about how to accelerate women’s entrepreneurship (and the associated social progress) in Mexico.  I really enjoyed the “gathering” and was glad to have a chance to see the presentations.


I feel privileged that I was asked to advise one of these projects, which is how I came to know of your work. You all put an unusual amount of effort into designing the projects, working with the students, and then arranging to bring the insights to a wider audience.  I have rarely encountered people who were so adept and thoughtful about how to get the best out of projects like these, and what to do with the insights they generated."

Professor Herman B. “Dutch” Leonard,

   Faculty Co-Director, Program on Crisis Leadership

    John F. Kennedy School of Government,

Harvard Business School

"We really appreciated the opportunity to have our students engage with you on this important and timely project and especially appreciated the time and guidance you provided to our students.  The culminating conference was an impressive collective of individuals making a difference in the world and I know our students were honored to be a part of it.  Logistically, I understand that coordinating across multiple global cities with so many different participants is quite challenging and commend you all on the excellent outcome.  Thank you for including SIPA and we look forward to our continued collaboration and to moving women forward in public policy."

Suzanne Hollmann,

   Director of the Capstone Program

    School of International and Public Affairs
Columbia University


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