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Since 2019, Women Forward has established a smashingly successful track record.  We have partnered with over a dozen leading university programs, 20 partner organizations, 18 artists, and over 30 leading practitioners in the field of international relations to advance women for the advancement of humanity. Our alumni network, the WFI Counsel of Leopards, and our accompanying events, especially our annual Vanguard with our primary partners, UNITAR at the United Nations, have engaged with thousands of individuals, students, non-profits, private sector businesses and government agencies globally. Over the next five years we expect our impact to more than double. 


With sustained funding over the next five years, WFI’s programs will continue to advance women and the Sustainable Development Goals in four key areas:


Women’s Leadership in Conflict Resolution 

WFI is supporting programs that seek to end the long-standing inequity in the representation of women’s voices in leadership in conflict resolution, allowing women to create and advocate for the policies that affect them, their families, and their overall health and well-being. 


WFI’s Women’s Leadership in Conflict Resolution programs will impact:

500,000 Women


Women’s Economic Empowerment 

Women Forward International is committed to supporting the development of vital frameworks that facilitate and empower women’s entry into and full contribution to the economy.  


WFI’s Women’s Economic Empowerment programs will impact:

62,500 Women


Women in Sustainable Systems 

WFI supports the equal inclusion, participation, and compensation of women playing vital roles in developing and maintaining sustainable systems in food, farming, and fashion.


WFI’s Women in Sustainable Systems programs will impact:

250,000 Women in Farming Families


Women’s Education 

WFI supports the established finding that educating women leads to an increase in quality of life for women and families with regard to financial freedom, social inclusion, and awareness of issues that impact their health and well-being.


WFI’s Women’s Education program will impact:

7,500 Women

Pro Mujer is working with JP Morgan “Women on the Move” volunteers who will be mentoring companies in Pro Mujer’s portfolio using the Gender Lens Investing (GLI) workshop developed with the support of WFI.

Our program with the Sustainable Food Trust and Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences led to the incorporation of gender-based and race outcome metrics to its current framework, the Global Farm Metric. It is currently being tested in farms in the United States and adapted to be used in our program in Malawi next year.

Our project with Pro Mujer and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs led to the creation of a ‘gender scorecard’ now being used by 17 companies in Mexico to identify gaps in supporting and investing in women entrepreneurs.


"What we heard today thanks to the work that you [WFI] and so many are doing, investing in education, enabling that potential to be realized… The toolkit that we at Georgetown have been working on with the students and our scholars, testing with Afghan women and being responsive to the request from Afghan women, help us show that our deep faith, Islamic faith, is consistent with women’s rights."

Ambassador Melanne Verveer

Executive Director, Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security; Founding Partner Seneca Point Global

"...James Baldwin said, 'The precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place.' It means everything to me to see these words come alive in this work and in WFI's mission."

Jillian Montilla

Sciences Po PRESAGE Student

"I feel really moved after the event we had tonight. This is the conclusion of a project that meant a lot for myself personally, Radical Girlsss as a group of young migrant women meaning to empower other young migrant women, and for the European Network of Migrant Women as a whole. None of it would have been possible without you, your flexibility, your support, your encouragement, your positivity and your kindness!"

Alyssa Ahrabare

Project Officer at the European Network of Migrant Women

"What an immense pleasure it's been to work with both organizations (WFI and Sustainable Food Trust) in developing a True Cost Accounting tool that includes action towards racial and gender equity...The relationship built between the three organizations is new and yet has already produced great outcomes.  We look forward to continuing the relationship and can't wait to see what SFT and WFI do next."


Louise Erskine

MPS Student, Cornell University,

International Agriculture & Rural Development

"Already WFI’s support for this project has been life-changing for our students."

Ambassador Nancy McEldowney

National Security Advisor to Vice President Kamala Harris

"WFI’s visionary model of experiential learning
is changing the game for graduate education in international affairs.

Sienna Tompkins

Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service 

"I have rarely encountered people who were so adept and thoughtful about how to get the best out of projects like these, and what to do with the insights they generated.”

Professor Herman Leonard

Harvard Business School

"[The report] allowed us to understand the challenges and the limitations these women face, and to determine the most effective ways to empower them to overcome those challenges."


Rocio Cavazos

Founder and Managing Partner

The Ananda Group

"We will be able to build on [these
recommendations] to strengthen what we have been doing and to develop new projects and programs."

Natalia Wills

Country Representative Mexico
Pro Mujer

"The culminating conference was an impressive collective of individuals making a difference in the world and I know our students were honored to be a part of it."

Suzanne Hollmann

   Director of the Capstone Program

Columbia University SIPA

"Truly a spellbinding aura you helped to create this and your colleagues and the panel gave all those avid listeners and aspiring agents of change some very profound shoulders to stand on!"

Gerald Hildebrand

   Director of the Center for Social Impact, Lynn University about our event

“A Call for a New Humanity”


"I am so moved by the efforts of all the constituencies affiliated with WFI and the most prescient understanding that the Arts are a vital means for communicating, displaying and endorsing social justice around the world."

Janice Koch, Ph.D.

   Professor Emerita of Science Education, Hofstra University

"Instead of typical think-tank talking heads and the drone of stats and theories, [WFI] it presented a living sense of courageous, creative women charting a real path to change."

Ellis Pines

 Vice President, Brand Strategy, Radancy, LLC

“We consider our deliveries of food and clothing vehicles for love. We think the love and connection we create with people will help far more than just the products that we are able to deliver to them. Thanks to this sponsored impact study by Women Forward, the next step for WPE is to really show that the human centered process works.”

Erica Brooks

 Chief Growth Officer, White Pony Express


WFI’s partnership with the Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) and Yale University led to the refinement of the Gender Equity Index where at least 2 companies who work with a total of 10,000 farming families will begin the process to improve their services for women.

WFI’s partnership with Sciences Po and European Network of Migrant Women led to the creation of a capacity-building toolkit that will be used to train and empower 370 people in its first year.

Inspired by the research and recommendations of a Harvard Kennedy School team sponsored by WFI in 2020, The Ananda Group created The Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs of Mexico (“EVM”), a non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs who are empowering consumers to adopt environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyles.