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Our project with Pro Mujer and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs led to the creation of a ‘gender scorecard’ now being used by 17 companies in Mexico to identify gaps in supporting and investing in women entrepreneurs.

WFI’s partnership with Sciences Po and European Network of Migrant Women lead to the creation of a capacity-building toolkit that will be used to train and empower 370 people in its first year.

WFI’s partnership with the Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) and Yale University will lead to the refinement of the Gender Equity Index where at least 2 companies who work with a total of 10,000 farming families will begin the process to improve their services to reach more women.


"Already WFI’s support for this project has been life-changing for our students."

Ambassador Nancy McEldowney

National Security Advisor to Vice President Kamala Harris

"WFI’s visionary model of experiential learning
is changing the game for graduate education in international affairs.

Sienna Tompkins

Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service 

"I have rarely encountered people who were so adept and thoughtful about how to get the best out of projects like these, and what to do with the insights they generated.”

Professor Herman Leonard

Harvard Business School

"[The report] allowed
us to understand the challenges and the limitations these women face, and to determine the most effective ways to empower them to overcome those challenges."


Rocio Cavazos

Founder and Managing Partner

The Ananda Group

"We will be able to build on [these
recommendations] to strengthen what we have been doing and to develop new projects and programs."

Natalia Wills

Country Representative Mexico
Pro Mujer

"The culminating conference was an impressive collective of individuals making a difference in the world and I know our students were honored to be a part of it."

Suzanne Hollmann

   Director of the Capstone Program

Columbia University SIPA

"Truly a spellbinding aura you helped to create this and your colleagues and the panel gave all those avid listeners and aspiring agents of change some very profound shoulders to stand on!"

Gerald Hildebrand

   Director of the Center for Social Impact, Lynn University about our event

“A Call for a New Humanity”


"I am so moved by the efforts of all the constituencies affiliated with WFI and the most prescient understanding that the Arts are vital means for communicating, displaying and endorsing social justice around the world."

Janice Koch, Ph.D.

   Professor Emerita of Science Education, Hofstra University

"Instead of typical think-tank talking heads and the drone of stats and theories, [WFI]it presented a living sense of courageous, creative women charting a real path to change."

Ellis Pines

 Vice President, Brand Strategy, Radancy, LLC

“We consider our deliveries of food and clothing vehicles for love. We think the love and connection we create with people will help far more than just the products that we are able to deliver to them, Thanks to this sponsored impact study by Women Forward, the next step for WPE is to really show that the human centered process works.”

Erica Brooks

 Chief Growth Officer of White Pony Express