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Our film and docu-series The Hour is about this time of unprecedented transformation in human consciousness that enables things to happen that have never happened before - all the result of the mind coming together with the heart and love taking its rightful place in our lives and actions. The Hour will follow the story of three Leopards, women whose journeys of love and service represent the need for the bridging mind and heart to usher forth a New Humanity. Inspired by our programs, Episode 1 will focus on empowering young migrant and refugee women in Europe; Episode 2 will focus on the challenge of and hope for restoring women's rights in Afghanistan; and Episode 3 will focus on food rescue for underserved, low-income communities in California.

Call it the rise of the Divine Feminine – or freeing women to reach their full human potential – it is a movement being carried forward by our next generation because the time is now. There is no other group, whether racial, ethnic, political, cultural, or economic, that has been as oppressed as women – almost every country and culture on earth has restrictive laws and behaviors regarding women – from African tribal traditions to Wall Street hiring practices. Women are the largest, broadest, oldest, most omnipresent and eternally oppressed group in human history. And the world cannot transform until that is transformed. There is no New Creation without “re-creating” women.

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