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How We Are Different

Unity, Collaboration And Service For A Changing World

WFI Blends the Transformative Power of Art with Strategic Partnerships to Bridge Mind to Heart and Make our Clients a Leading Force for Change. 

Our Services​:

  • Sustainability and Clean Energy Know-How

  • Bringing Mind and Heart into Creative and Innovative Solutions 

  • Unravelling Human Dynamics in Organizations

  • Systemic Leadership Development Marrying Hearts and Minds

  • Systemic Organizational Development

  • Innovative Strategies for Public and Private Partnerships with Museums and Artists

  • Strategic Programming and Partnerships with our Trusted Global Network 

  • Inspired Curation of Events, Exhibitions and Conferences

  • Trailblazing Curricular Design 

  • Communications for the Common Good 

    • Documentary Film​ and Media

    • Speech Writing and Delivery

    • Publications

How We Work 

WFI elevates your mission as a government, corporation, small business, or nonprofit by aligning it with the advancement of women and offering cutting-edge solutions through our carefully selected academic teams and visionary artists. 


We are internationally recognized for our action-based research in the following key areas of women’s advancement: 

WFI's Partners, Collaborators and Beneficiaries of Our Programs

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How We Are Different

  • We conduct our work from our varied expertise and deep professional values and commitments and hold your company’s growth and development as our priority

  • ​We provide unique partnership and programmatic opportunities which will generate innovative models and replicable applications drawn from the most current trends in our professional areas

  • ​We provide programs that meet your corporate goals, while also balancing the complexity of the issues these programs seek to address with ease of application

  • ​We are not afraid to make difficult observations and recommendations

  • ​We engage from a place of unity, collaboration, and service

Aligning your brand with WFI will enable your business to partner with a preeminent organization that attracts a sophisticated audience from across the globe, from school children to leaders in business, arts and technology.

We look forward to taking your vision to the next level.


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