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Humanity's Journey to

the Heart

Summer 2021 >

With every step, we move forward in fulfilling the promise of a new 

Humanity. Thank you for being part of our journey to bring about unity, collaboration, and service in the world.


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A Call for a New Humanity

Fall 2020 >

Today we witness something new – an unfolding – from India to South Africa to Afghanistan, to Nigeria to Mexico and France, to the United States – we all tune in together – a force of global unity during this time of unprecedented transformation. 

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Walking in the Vanguard

Summer 2020 >

During this unprecedented period in human history, the world is united in an effort to uproot outmoded patterns of behavior. 

Real change depends on collaboration between enlightened thinkers and those practitioners who dare to walk in the vanguard.

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The Leopard Emerging

Fall 2019 >

Listen, the world is singing a new song -

           a song we’ve never                          heard before


            But change comes

It comes in the blink of an eye

    the way a Leopard emerges

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