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Alleviating Gender Based Violence through Entrepreneurship 

The Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs and the Mesa Redonda in collaboration with White Pony Express  

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WFI is expanding its collaboration with The Ananda Group, an investment fund that supports entrepreneurs who are empowering consumers to adopt an ethical, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle, without the use of animals, to expand their Mesa Redonda “Round Table” program operated under their NGO Association of Vegan Entrepreneurs of Mexico (EVM). Mesa Redonda contributes to the recovery of plant-based businesses from the Covid-19 crisis while also reaching out in support of vulnerable groups in our society. In this program, participating vegan restaurants invite their customers to purchase a food item to be delivered to communities in need, including women and children migrants, and indigenous women who have suffered from violence. 


EVM will be joined by a team of researchers from Howard University that will assess the current success of the program as well as provide strategies for the Mesa Redonda program to expand both within Monterrey and to other cities in Mexico. White Pony Express will also offer advisory support to EVM by incorporating elements of White Pony Express's 'Circle of Giving Model' into the Mesa Redonda program.


The project demonstrates the power of partnership to alleviate food insecurity. It also sets an example of the global templates emerging representing a new paradigm of philanthropy based on love and human unity. 


Deliverables & Impact

This project will focus on incorporating WPE’s model into the Mesa Redonda program and implementing an expansion plan devised by a Howard University team that informs EVM’s strategy to incorporate more restaurants, other types of businesses, effective advertising, new geographies, and specifically more organizations supporting women who have suffered from gender-based violence (GBV). This will allow Mesa Redonda to operate more effectively and ensure more vulnerable community members have access to healthy, nutritious foods.

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