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A New Horizon for Women’s Education in Afghanistan:

A Women's University Without Walls

Afghan Institute of Learning in collaboration with Lynn University’s Social Impact Lab



Lynn University, in collaboration with the Afghan Institute for Learning (AIL) and Women Forward International (WFI), is providing an online format that will form the basis of a virtual College Preparatory School in Afghanistan, catering specifically to women. Given the current political and social insecurity in Afghanistan, this project takes into account the many challenges that will be faced in an ever-changing and often dangerous sociopolitical context, particularly as it pertains to women’s education. 

Lynn University’s team offered research on best practices for instructors on distanced learning to ensure the success of the online courses provided through this virtual college, as well as research on distance learning formats and relevant pedagogical information. In addition, the team contextualized this project through an analysis of the sociopolitical viability of an online women’s school in Afghanistan today. Lastly, Lynn University provided funding prospects for the virtual College Preparatory School by collecting resources and information found in the Funding Information Network. 


The Funding Information Network (FIN) is a database of 144,000 foundations based at Lynn University’s Social Impact Lab that provides a plethora of opportunities for non-profits. However, the database can only be accessed locally and is therefore limited for global partners. As such, the Lynn University team has made available opportunities found in the database with the hope that the AIL team will be able to use the information for future projects. 

Deliverables & Impact

With this research, AIL is leveraging its network and resources to provide a space and internet access to students of the virtual school through a Computer Lab in Herat, Afghanistan. The project provides a strong foundation from which the virtual college can continue to grow, regardless of the challenges it faces as Afghanistan finds stability. Women are the future of the country, and as such their continued education is essential to the recovery of a country in turmoil. This collaboration leverages the expertise of academic institutions such as Lynn University and AIL, along with the funding capabilities of WFI, to produce a final product that empowers Afghan women today and in the years to come. 

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