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Designs for the New Humanity 

Blumera in collaboration with The Turquoise Mountain Institute

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Blumera is a luxury fashion brand focused on high-vibratory creations, and ever-seeking to be in harmony with the earth and lessen the impact fashion makes on it. The Turquoise Mountain Institute is an organization established in 2006 by HRH The Prince of Wales to revive historic areas, traditional crafts and communities, to provide jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.


Deliverables & Impact:

WFI is launching our collaboration with Blumera and the Turquoise Mountain Institute to create a new collection of clothing, accessories, and home goods utilizing innovative upcycled materials while providing dignified employment to women – who are often peacebuilders – in conflict zones such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Inspired by the natural landscapes, the artisanal and architectural culture, and the spiritual essence of the regions, the creation of these collections will use native materials and traditional designs.  Most women handworkers do not have employment contracts, legal rights or any form of social protection, and are often not paid enough to escape the poverty cycle. Piloting in Afghanistan with its subsequent launch in Myanmar, WFI’s program would ensure women artisans in the region receive fair and equitable compensation; have access to alternative and safe opportunities for employment; preserve their cultural and craft traditions; promote the work of these artisans locally and overseas; and give women a new voice in the peace process.

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