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Designs for the New Humanity 

Blumera Partners in collaboration with Rice University Student


Blumera, a luxury fashion brand focused on high-vibratory creations, is ever-seeking to be in harmony with the earth and lessen the impact fashion makes on it, while creating collections of beauty to uplift the wearer. Mehera Blum is the founder of Blumera, created with the intent of designing collections that utilize unexpected natural sustainable materials. Blumera’s collections upcycle wood and recycle brass so as not to burden the natural resources of our planet. 


Blumera is designing and creating a new collection of handbags, jewelry, clothing, and home décor using the natural dyes developed by artisans in Scotland and Jamaica in collaboration with the Prince’s Foundation, highlighting natural dyes as a sustainable option replacing current chemical-based techniques. This will lay the groundwork for an extended project with a female cohort from the Rose Town Enterprise center in Jamaica. The dyes used are based on historic textile crops and colors native to both Scotland and Jamaica. The dyes are woodblock-printed using historical patterns from the 18th and 19th centuries, and are applied to the linen fabric that is sourced from the east coast of Scotland. This program is designed to fall in line with the Prince’s Foundation’s commitment to use materials that are natural and biodegradable.

Deliverables & Impact:

Prior to the development of the new collection, Blumera and a graduate student from Rice University’s School of Social Sciences are producing a research study on the flora and fauna, botanicals, and traditional textiles, materials, and techniques used in Scotland and Jamaica to aid in the development of the designs. In tandem with Blumera, women artisans are being trained in creating and using these dyes, which will in turn empower them to generate income putting these newly acquired skills to practice while creating a pathway for this skillset and its fruits to be passed down generationally.


A product line is being created by Blumera as a result of the program, whose environmental and social impact is positive, sustainable, and generational while also uplifting and reviving cultural traditions.

Finally, this program serves the purpose of raising awareness on the use of natural and biodegradable materials as a means of protecting the environment while creating stylish, wearable, and durable clothing and accessories.