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Growing the Coffee and Cocoa Sector through Equity for Women Farmers

Yale University Jackson Institute for Global Affairs in Collaboration with the Partnership for Gender Equity

A student team from Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs will undertake a research project for the Partnership for Gender Equity, a US-based, women-led, not-for-profit social enterprise that works globally to accelerate gender equity and social inclusion along the coffee and cocoa supply chains. PGE is eager to leverage the team of researchers to investigate the following areas and validate key aspects of their proposed approach: 1) How do sustainability agencies within the coffee and cocoa sectors typically integrate gender equity as a cross-cutting issue into their bi-lateral or multilateral funded projects, when a gender focus is required by funders? How can the integration be improved or systematized by a third party? 2) How do PGE’s five criteria for gender equity in cooperatives relate to the operational functionality of large volume supply aggregators for coffee and cocoa? Based on the aggregators' similarities and differences to cooperative ways of working, where and how does the self-assessment need to be refined? The team will carry out refined assessment with supply aggregators across four countries and regions: Indonesia, Honduras (Promecafe), Peru, East Africa (Uganda or Ethiopia). Finally, the team will answer the question: How can data related to gender equity be successfully embedded into digital applications that strive to create better access to coffee and cocoa supply chain data and increase traceability and/or transparency in these sectors? significant supply chains – and all of the families and communities that are related to them. This project will expand the reach PGE’s business development, enabling their tools to reach more people in the supply chain, and their expertise to be integrated into the breadth of sustainability efforts.

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