April 30, 2020 - United Nations Headquarters in New York

The Secret to Real Security in Afghanistan

Georgetown University

Lasting and sustainable peace in Afghanistan can only be achieved through a fully inclusive process that features women and women’s issues as central to both the negotiations and the implementation of a post-conflict settlement. To explore options and develop new proposals to achieve this critical objective, Georgetown University’s Master of Science of Foreign Service (MSFS) program is collaborating with Women Forward International (WFI) on an exciting new program entitled Waging Peace in Afghanistan.  

Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service 

An MSFS graduate seminar of 16 students will spend a semester focused on the future of Afghanistan and the vital role that women’s leadership must play in building the foundations of peace. As part of their research, the students will travel to Doha, Qatar to interview officials on the margins of the Afghan Peace Talks currently underway there and to meet with various Afghan women leaders and changemakers. 



Two Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) led by Afghan women and focused on the protection and empowerment of Afghan women will serve as Clients to help guide the students’ research toward practical steps that can be implemented in the near term. These NGOs are Women for Afghan Women (WAW) and Women’s Activities and Social Services Association (WASSA). Representatives from WAW and WASSA who are currently working in provincial regions of Afghanistan will travel to Doha and participate in interviews and other project-related activities.  


Deliverables and Impact

The United National Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) will host a workshop at which the students will present the results of their research along with their proposals for the future. UNITAR, along with WFI, will publish the project’s final report along with students’ blog posts, on its website. 


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