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Maria Helena Maldonado

ARTIST PROFILE: Maria Helena Maldonado

Photographer and Sculptor

Maria Helena Maldonado-Villar was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her art stems from her life-long passion for travel and photography. She translates her photographs into a variety of artistic mediums: wood sculpture, intaglio, woodcut, silk screen, and linoleum. Some of her work is printed on her handmade paper from Fabriano, Italy, where she studied at the Museo de la Carta e della Filigrana, focusing on paper making, and intaglio with Roberto Stellutin, during her the summer of 2015.

Ms. Maldonado-Villar’s work has been exhibited in Curated Exhibitions and venues, including Gallery Via Umbria, Somerset Town Hall, Cosmos Club, and the World Bank. Additionally, her artwork has decorated the showroom at Poltrona Frau in Georgetown, Washington, DC, from October 2016-August 2017.

Ms. Maldonado-Villar has an MA in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and a BA in International Studies from The American University. She has also worked at The World Bank in Washington and UNESCO in Paris.

All images © 2020 Nada Odeh

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