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Empowering and Welcoming Newcomer Students to the United States  

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Thanks to support from the Bylo Chacon Foundation and the Doris M Carter Family Foundation, Women Forward International is delighted to partner Ignacio Valley High School in California, U.S. with the Woven Teaching program of the Woven Foundation, whose  goal is to "help create a world that is more just and empathetic." The Woven Teaching program "broadens access to human rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at all levels of society around the world."

A large percentage of Ignacio Valley's students are "newcomers." That is, this is the first year they are in the U.S. Often they need extra help finding their bearings, feeling welcome in a new culture, and learning English. In particular, many of these newcomers are from Afghanistan.


Together with faculty from Ignacio Valley High School and the Woven Teaching experts, WFI will create a program that will include trainings for students and faculty from the Woven Teaching "Human Rights are for Everyone" manual. WFI will also engage the newcomer students with university student mentors from our teams around the world, including our research teams in Afghanistan.


The newcomer students will have the opportunity to practice their English through WFI's artistic projects on the theme of human rights, including through a unique film project curated by WFI with rare and recent footage by our women affiliates working to enable girls and women to be educated in Afghanistan. 

This 2023-2024 will culminate in WFI's helping to curate a film presentation open to the community and parents of the Ignacio Valley High School students and the wider public, with an aim to replicate the program in other schools with newcomers in the future in California. 

Watch our 2022 Ignacio Valley High School film and Georgetown University program for women's rights in Afghanistan

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