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Promoting Women’s Leadership in Mexico for a Conscious and Regenerative Humanity

The Ananda Group in collaboration with Harvard University Kennedy School of Government (HKS)

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The Ananda Group invests in entrepreneurs who are empowering consumers to adopt an ethical, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle, without the use of animals. Created and led by women, Ananda is an organization that invests in and supports the plant-based sector in Mexico which is a young sector with predominantly women participating.


In 2020, Ananda benefited from the research and insights from a Harvard Kennedy School team as a result of their partnership with Women Forward International. The main recommendations from the HKS team include: a) support for plant-based networks and associations; b) investment towards gender-specific programming; and c) further investment in advocacy and public relations partnerships. 


Deliverables & Impact

With the support of Women Forward International, Ananda is proceeding with the recommendation to support plant-based business networks by spearheading the incorporation of an association that brings together this early stage, mission driven and majority women-led sector. The association is a non-profit organization incorporated under the name of Asociación de Emprendedores Veganos de Méiico, A.C. The organization was created to provide information and training specifically designed for these entrepreneurs, as well as to offer a platform for networking, cross-learning and mutual support. Through the collaboration among members, the sector is accomplishing projects with greater impact and boosting the fulfillment of its shared mission for the benefit of humanity, animals and the planet.


Ananda is also implementing the recommendation regarding gender-specific programming through the development of trainings and events designed for the Mexican plant-based sector where approximately 75% of businesses have women founders. In addition, the association is led by a woman president and includes a formal Gender Equity Committee to promote the continued presence of women in leadership positions, especially as the sector and the businesses that comprise it grow.