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All images © 2020 Vera Andre

Virtual Presentation
New Days Heroes
A New Era of Human Unity

Born in Rio de Janeiro on July 11, 1963, and nationalized Mexican, Vera André is a plastic artist who comes from the design discipline. Various institutions dedicated to the arts have been the hosts of what today is her performance in different artistic expressions.


Since 1994 she has dedicated her life to painting, sculpture, and engraving. She has held various exhibitions nationally and internationally, presenting her work at the Mexican Embassy in Colombia, the Cultural Center of Mexico in Miami, the Ollin Yoliztli Cultural Center, the Art Museum INBA, Casa Lamm, among others.

Both in the three-dimensional -sculptural- and the two-dimensional -pictorial-, her approach constitutes a way of observation where manipulation towards the figurative does not contemplate a leading role. Matter, energy, time and space that in their autonomy converge at the origin of instants that give rise to creation.

Passionate about life and its mystical origin, Vera's work is a mapping and immersion of the micro and macro cosmos. A journey through the unconscious of being. Her work is a primary way to process and abound the human experience in space, as a whole, where we are all united, we are the universe. Learn more about Vera>

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