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Changing the System: Enhancing Participation of Young Migrant and Refugee Women in International Political Processes through Intercultural Feminist Action-Research

The Paris Institute of Political Studies in Partnership with The European Network of Migrant Woman & The Rights Lab

Scholars from The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Science Po) will find, define, and analyze the major barriers and gaps that hinder migrant and refugee women’s participation in international decision-making processes, with a specific focus on young women, and come up with recommendations and methodology on how to bridge them. Their research will be designed as an action oriented plan for the European Network of Migrant Women, an organization that strives to combat discrimination and promote the rights and interests of migrant and refugee women within Europe through coordinated advocacy, exchange of information, capacity building activities, projects and events and representing ENoMW members at both the European and the National level. Could this global crisis provide an opportunity for addressing systemic flaws and barriers and creating a more equal society? The answer to this question lies in part in the participation of women migrants and refugees in regional and international decision-making processes. The research will culminate with a participatory workshop to conduct in-depth analysis and co-create jointly with young migrant women a methodology for their political participation and a toolkit for young migrant women’s participation in international processes on women’s human rights.

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