Women Forward International has caught the attention of the international community as a catalyst for long-awaited systemic change in international affairs education and diplomacy. Our client-based projects contribute to making the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals a living reality. 


Our partnership with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) has enabled us to share our scholarly research globally. See our scholarly reports on the United Nations' website.

ACTION-ORIENTED RESEARCH between renowned universities, multilateral institutions, corporations, and non-profit organizations

Decision-making frameworks designed for the FULL PARTICIPATION OF WOMEN

Opportunities for THE NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS to claim and make real change

A language for creating change that steps beyond business and economics to INCLUDE THE ARTS

A reorientation to power in relationships—COLLABORATION OVER HIERARCHY






Letter from the President

We have seen the power of academic research to transform those who listen to what could be heard as the call of the New Humanity.


This call comes from those many young graduate students of international relations – the next generation of leaders – who thirst to go beyond leadership based on traditional hierarchy, and instead, to live leadership to bring about a new time and place in which all are free and equal. In this time and place, all are able to make their best contributions to their communities and nations. Read more >

During this unprecedented period in human history, the world is united in an effort to uproot outmoded patterns of behavior. Real change depends on collaboration between enlightened thinkers and those practitioners who dare to walk in the vanguard.

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