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"I met Wesley and Kent from Women Forward international a few months ago. They invited me to be the poet and artist at the Women Forward International launching event on September 11/ 2019 that happened at Aspen Institute, Washington DC. Our communication was one of the smoothest experiences I had. When we talked several times over the phone, I knew that Kent and Wesley are highly educated professionals who are passionate about supporting women around the world and help them rise from ashes. I felt so relaxed while  I was working with them and preparing for the event. The preparation for the event went smoothly there was a moment I felt a little bit stressed, Kent and Wesley were there to support me and make it as smooth as possible. Working with Women Forward International inspired me to keep creating artwork about Syrian women and showed me the importance to unite efforts in order to support women around the world. Women Forward International is a great organization that has great support locally, nationally and internationally. I hope to collaborate again with Women Forward International on other projects"

Nada Odeh, Syrian refugee women art.jpg


September 11, 2019

The Aspen Institute in Washington DC United States Launch

Rising Out of the Ashes

Nada Odeh is a Syrian artist, activist, humanitarian and a modern-day poet. She was both born and raised in Damascus and has lived in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and came to the USA in 2013 due to the conflict and revolution in her country. Nada got her M.A. in Museum Studies from Syracuse University. She lives and works in Syracuse, New York. She had gotten her Bachelor in fine arts from the Damascus University. She has attended many workshops in the field of visual arts, communication arts, and therapeutical arts. Odeh has established a project commonly known as 'Nada's Picassos', which had begun in Damascus but was then later moved to Dubai, Michigan and currently New York State. The medium she works in is Acrylics on Canvases. Arabic miniatures, Middle Eastern colors and small details of the heritage influence her artwork. The key theme in which her artwork is mainly focused on is the Syrian refugees in camps and Syrian people. Recently she is focusing more on displaced Syrian women in exile. She has exhibited her art in Damascus, Dubai, New York City, Detroit, Toledo, Tiffin, Washington D.C. Syracuse, Albany and Auburn, New York. 

Nada Odeh is a freelance curator who had the opportunity to curate different projects with the topic of immigration and folklore arts. She worked with the New York Folklore on different projects to highlight immigrants and refugees folklore arts. Learn more about Nada >


All images © 2020 Nada Odeh

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