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June 10, 2021

WFI Virtual Event

The Vanguard


Sandra Espinet is a well-established and internationally published high-end interior designer, working and living between Los Angeles and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Ms. Espinet has lived in eight different countries, and she brings her global adventures to her clients' homes, creating luxurious and well-traveled interiors.


Ms. Espinet graduated with design and art degrees in Georgia and Massachusetts, and then earned a Master's in Production Design from AFI in Los Angeles. She transformed sets on movies and television, but eventually, returned to her true love, interior design. After twenty-five years as a luxury interior designer, she is now considered an industry expert and has been featured on HGTV's Celebrity Holiday Homes (2009), Halloween Block Party (2010), Bang for Your Buck 40k Outdoor KitchensMiami (2010) and  HGTV'd (2011). With many other approaching new television projects, she is a budding star in the arena of home and lifestyle television. Learn more about Ms. Espinet >

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