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Letter from the President

We have seen the power of academic research to transform those who listen to what could be heard as the call of the New Humanity. This call comes from those many young graduate students of international relations – the next generation of leaders – who thirst to go beyond leadership based on traditional hierarchy, and instead, to live leadership to bring about a new time and place in which all are free and equal. 


Women in Politics Around the World. 

See Dr. Kent Davis-Packard's interview with Rob Satloff on Dakhil Washington

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Women Behind the Scenes How Modernity is Catching on Before Law in the United Arab Emirates

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Love and Forgiveness in the Work of Human Rights Defenders

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A Ripple Beneath the Surface: Trends in Salafi Political Thought: What they Mean for Egypt and U.S.-Egyptian Relations

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The Burden of Proof: Women and National Identity in ‘Islamic’ and ‘Secular’ States – The Case of Egypt

The following articles and blogs are a selection of Dr. Davis-Packard's scholarly teams' publications, which she oversaw when establishing the SAIS Women Lead Practicum Program at Johns Hopkins University:

Museums as Points of Connection: How Museums in North America and Europe Engage with Diaspora Communities:


Ten Lessons on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: The Case of the Plant-Based Industry in Mexico

Here is the blog published by our SAIS students for the Ananda Group by the Inter-American Development Bank: There is a link to their full report at the bottom.

Bahraini Women Make Gains Amid Tightening Political Freedom
Here is the blog published by the AGSIW by SAIS students working with Bahrain's Supreme Council for Women: The link is not working to the full report so let me know if you'd like to see it.

Female Educators in Uganda
Here is a blog published by one of our students with Creative Associates International on our project in Uganda:


And the full final report:


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